OMG, look what happens when lash extensions are applied badly!

We have all been there, you want a beauty treatment but you want to pay as little as possible to save some money for a night out with the girls or that new outfit from your favourite online store. It becomes a mission to get your treatment done for as little as possible without actually thinking of the quality of the job you will actually get. Of course none of us want to pay for a rubbish job and yet we still do it, we are British after all and the majority of us are far too polite at times. I mean some of the shocking work I have seen that people have still paid for is unvelievable.

We focus on discounts and price like zombies.

None of us want eyelashes looking like a bog brush, but that is unfortunately what some people end up with 😬

You can picture it now, you see that all too tempting deal, 80% off, normally on Groupon or another voucher code site......what could go possibly go wrong.

A lot, a lot can go wrong Karen! 😱

And boy does it go wrong when it comes to cheap eyelash extensions and I've seen it all. The following image is the state of the eyelash extensions I came across on a new client of mine just weeks ago.

Lash disaster, not by FabULash Herts

So what has gone wrong.

You can see that the lashes are patchy, however in fairness this could be due to time elapsed since the lashes were applied, the problem is more to do with clumping meaning as the lashes naturally fall out they start to look bad.

When I set to work removing the lashes I found that many lashes (as many as 6) were glued together, creating clumps. This meant that when some lashes had fallen out (you do naturally shed 1-4 eyelashes a day) they were detached but being held on as part of a clump, adding extra weight to the las which is still attached, which could end up pulling that lash out meaning lash damage. This was more likely than not because they were put on too quick and the extensions were not allowed to dry before putting the next extension on the next lash, this is where it is vital that the correct time is spent applying lash extensions and not rushing them.

The result is clumpy looking lashes that no one would be happy with. After a while gently removing the lashes with lash glue remover I revealed the clients natural lashes and thankfully there wasn't any too serious damage done to her own natural lashes (it could have been a lot worse).

Back to natural lashes, for now.

After consulting with the client, she decided she wanted to go with classic lashes, thoroughly put off by her horrific experience. I set to work, using the length and curl of individual lashes chosen to still give a glamorous look. It takes me between 1.5 and 2hrs to complete a full set of eyelash extensions and that is taking the appropriate time to ensure the look is flawless. After I had finished the client absolutely loved her new lashes and the following image is what they looked like.

Full set of classic lash extensions by FabULash Herts

In summary there are plenty of great qualified lash extension technicians out there, my advice would be to ensure you research who you are planning on using before you book in. And the key things I would look for are:

1. Are they qualified and do they have a certificate?

2. Are they insured (it's not a requirement but demonstrates responsibility)?

3. Do they have recent reviews?

4. Do they have a good social and/or web presence?

5. Are they charging roughly the going rate for the treatments they offer (be skeptical of deals that seem to good to be true)?

Who ever you choose to use make sure you do your research!

Good luck girls 😘

If you would like to know more about the lash extensions FabULash Herts offer start here.

Or if you want to read about another eyelash disaster check out a blog post by forever amber and her magnetic eyelashes review for something else to absolutely avoid.

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