Lash extensions are the holiday essential you didn't realise you needed until you've had them!

Soon to be sat on the beach 😎??

Your summer holiday is fast approaching and it's time to start the holiday checklist:

New beach wear ✅

New outfits ✅

Suncream ✅

Makeup ✅

Book lash extension appointment 🤔

You may be thinking "I've never thought about getting lash extensions for my summer holiday". If that is the case then you are missing out! We all want to look like a goddess by the pool and wouldn't it be great to have glamorous lashes, pool side, without a fear of looking like a panda if they get wet?

Say no to panda eyes 🐼

The good news is that is exactly what eyelash extensions offer, yes you can use waterproof mascara but if you are anything like me, you hate the stuff. It's a bit like a clingy ex-boyfriend, it's really hard to shift not to mention all of the scrubbing to remove it irritates skin that is already sensitive because of the sun.

Ok great, but;

  • Will they last my two week holiday?

  • Will they drop out the moment I dive into the pool?

A recent holiday lash case study

Rachel contacted me, she was new to eyelash extensions and was off on her summer holiday soon and had been told by a friend that eyelash extensions were a must have and that she should give them a go. She had the usual questions as already mentioned above and was definitely apprehensive but decided to go for it and give a low lash maintenance holiday a try.

After discussing the type of look she wanted to go for I set to work applying a set of classic lashes as opposed to a volume or hybrid set. Classic eyelash extensions involve the application of one extension per natural lash, giving the wearer a fresh mascara look.

After the treatment, Rachel commented that her lashes were the most stunning she had ever seen them. She said that not only did they have a fabulous curl, they looked glamorous but totally natural and they felt as light as a feather.

Eyelash extensions make a huge difference to your holiday makeup.

So the real test began, two days later when Rachel was off on holiday. She told me when I completed her infills on her return that she was dubious that they would last. However, they lasted perfectly as Rachel followed my aftercare instructions. She avoided greasy eye-makeup remover, didn't apply mascara to the extensions and was careful with sun cream application. She said that she regularly dived in the pool, as well as sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

The verdict

The lashes lasted very well and of course they do naturally shed as time elapses from your lash appointment but this is completely normal. Rachel's look still remained intact and was still full when the time came around for her infills when she was back from holiday. Rachel did follow the aftercare instructions given and paid special care not to rub her eyes etc

Rachel said "I was really impressed with my eyelash extensions and the overall result. It made my holiday makeup so much easier. It was great waking up with gorgeous lashes without any effort and I think my eyelash extensions looked lovely in my holiday pictures. I would thoroughly recommend holiday lash extensions and I won't be going without them again."

If you would like to know more about the lash extensions services FabULash Herts offer, click here.

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